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The right piano studio for you?

MEA Piano Studio is one of the only piano studios in Northern Virginia that offers piano lessons for very young students. The studio offers lessons to students as young as 3 (or almost 3) years old. MEA Piano Studio also offers piano ensemble class for young musicians in Northern Virginia. And through the MusicLink Foundation, offers low cost lessons to students involved in their program.

While you are here researching the best early musical experience for your son or daughter, please consider the benefits of choosing MEA Piano Studio.

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Benefits of MEA Piano Studio

1. Piano Lessons For Preschoolers

MEA Piano Studio offers a special program especially for very young students. Many piano teachers in Northern Virginia do not accept students under the age of six. MEA Piano Studio does. Students as young as three years old can begin taking piano lessons.

2. Group Piano Ensemble Classes

MEA Piano Studio also offers special group piano classes where students learn duets, concertos, quartets, trios, and more. Playing the piano is often a lonely endeavor and MEA Piano Studio strives to provide social experiences (similar to band) for students in and around Fairfax County.

3. Free Piano Lessons for Preschoolers

Very young students are not able to sit for a thirty minute lessons. And often must work to build their attention span for even a fifteen minute lessons. Three year old students starting at MEA Piano Studio only have five minute lessons at the beginning. And these lessons are free. The lessons gradually lengthen, as the student is ready, to ten and then fifteen minute lessons. And lessons are free until the student is ready for fifteen minute lessons.

4. Free Group Ensemble Classes

These classes meet once a month on Sundays at 1:30. And are free. Students only pay for music, festival fees (optional), and accompanist fees (if needed). Students do not have to play in piano festivals or learn a concerto that needs an piano accompanist.

5. Qualified Instructor

The instructor has a B.A. in Music Composition and has been teaching for over twelve years. She is a full-time music teacher and loves her job!

6. Daytime Availability for Preschoolers

Lessons are available during the day (and also on Saturdays and Sundays), so there is no need to rearrange evening activities.

7. Parents Can Sit With Their Preschooler

Parents are more than welcome and even encouraged to sit in during lessons. The more active and enthusiastic a parent is about lessons, the more successful lessons will be.

8. Comfortable Waiting Lounge

Parents and siblings are more than welcome to relax in the waiting area during a student’s lesson. There are even toys and books.

9. Free Recitals

MEA Piano Studio holds an annual recital every year in June. And it is free! All students can participate and students can play their favorite piece. Each year, recitals include piano solos, piano duets, and more.

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