Free Piano Lessons

FAQs about the free preschool piano lesson program.

Preschool Piano

Ages 3 – 3.5

How long are lessons?

Students begin with only a five minute lesson once a week. This helps instill the routine and expectations of piano lessons.

What do students learn in their lessons?

Students begin by learning the basics of the piano keys. This includes things like distinguishing between the black and white keys or the two and three black keys. Gradually students learn the letter names of the keys and how to play easy songs on the piano.

What style of music is taught?

Students learn familiar folk songs.

Do I need a keyboard or piano?

Yes. Students need to get into the habit of practicing regularly and must have an instrument to practice on at home.

How long should students practice each day?

Length does not matter. What is more important is the routine of practicing daily. It should be regular part of the day, like lunch or brushing teeth, and not something done infrequently. Students should play their assigned homework at least once a day.